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NO. IRONING. NECESSARY. WonderWink Four-Stretch

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Four Stretch WonderWink Scrubs – Say Goodbye to the Standard Options

If you’re a member of the medical community, we at WonderWinkScrubShop.com realize scrubs are a staple in your life. They’re a far more practical and versatile alternative to the starched white dresses of decades past, and today’s selection gives you a virtually endless array of color and pattern combinations as long as they conform to the uniform regulations of your workplace. That being said, plenty of complaints revolve around the usual choices.

Maintenance Matters

For one, many of the options on the market don’t exactly fall into the wash-and-go category. Maintaining a professional, put-together appearance means ironing each piece after it comes out of the dryer. Though rumors abound of being able to iron an entire week’s wardrobe in less than 15 minutes, the average shirt typically requires about 10 minutes of TLC. Pants are only slightly less labor-intensive.
Ten minutes may not seem like lots of time, but when you add up, say, five days’ worth of pants and shirts with a couple of extra standbys just in case, you’re looking at hovering over the ironing board for more than an hour and a half each week. When you’re already pressed for time, you don’t have a lot of extra to spend pressing your clothes. Though taking your scrubs out of the dryer while they’re still damp sometimes helps mitigate the wrinkles, the material seems to grow a little on the hangers.
In some cases, using liquid fabric softener combats the rumpled look, but doing so presents its problems in the long run. Softening the fibers in your scrubs tends to weaken the structure of time. In exchange for the extra effort, you end up having to replace them more often.

An Unfitting Challenge

Another common complaint about the average set of scrubs is the fit. They’re fashioned from a cookie-cutter pattern; as a result, the fit is often less than flattering for most figures. Some fabrics have a way of stretching while you’re wearing them, leaving you always tugging at your pants to keep them in place. Typical drawstrings offer little assistance in this department because they grow right along with the rest of the material.
Some more form-fitting options have made their way on the market. They’re less baggy than the norm, but they’re often not built to stand up to what the day holds in store. When you choose a more flattering cut, you sometimes have to sacrifice flexibility.

WonderWink Created a Solution

WonderWink set out on a mission to bring you a new alternative. Their quest to change the world of scrubs led to a revolution in the way they’re manufactured, worn and managed. Being made of 100 percent polyester, Four-Stretch scrubs by WonderWink offer a number of advantages over others, such as:
  • Durability: Four-Stretch scrubs hold up well to repeated wear and washing.
  • Less Shrinkage: Though some fabrics shrink when dried, Four-Stretch won’t: you don’t have to buy a size or two larger than you need to ensure your scrubs still fit after their first trip through the washer and dryer.
  • Holds its Shape: No matter how many times you wash, dry and wear Four-Stretch scrubs, they’ll still look and feel just like they did in the beginning.
  • Resists Moisture: Since polyester is resistant to moisture, your scrubs will need less drying time and won’t hold onto sweat while you’re dodging foot traffic and rushing from one task to the next.
  • Doesn’t Fade: WonderWink is proud to offer you a broad selection of styles, colors, and patterns, and with their Four-Stretch fabric, each one maintains its vibrancy.
  • We’ve Gone Tagless: Doing away with the scratchy, untamable tag isn’t a new concept, but it certainly goes a long way toward making scrub tops less irritating.
  • Better Fit: From the knit panel mock wrap and V-neck tops to the cargo and knit waist flare leg pants and all those options in between, these scrubs are designed to offer a comfortable, flattering fit while still giving you room to move.
  • No More Ironing: Unlike many of the scrubs you’ll find on the market, Four-Stretch is ready to be worn straight out of the dryer. Being wrinkle-free doesn’t take an extra hour and a half of your week.
While designing their scrubs lines, WonderWink took to heart all the common issues you’re bound to face throughout the day. The results are comfortable, breathable, flexible, durable options designed to move with you rather than hold you back. They’re also low-maintenance alternatives to the standard scrub, so you can look and feel your best without having to put a lot of unnecessary time into your pre-workday routine.

A Variety of Scrubs to Meet Your Unique Needs

In the medical field, no two positions are quite the same; for that matter, no two days are ever identical. WonderWink has branched out to offer you a more diversified selection to better meet the challenges you’re bound to face on any given day. Browse our online store to see our full array of
You can stick to a single combination of shirts and pants or mix and match to find just the right blend of comfort and style for you. Each piece is designed to hold up to the demands of your profession. Any scrubs can safeguard your personal clothing from the wiles of the day and distinguish you as part of your field, but we strive to go above and beyond the norm.

Let Four-Stretch Be Part of Your Day

At WonderWinkScrubShop, we understand the joys and challenges of the medical field. We can’t make your job any easier, but we can help take some of the time and hassles out of your morning prep work. We’re also here to ensure you’re fresher and more comfortable during your daily routines. While you’re working to help others and improve the lives of all those you meet, let us do our part to make your work wear a little more accommodating.