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WonderWink Maternity Scrubs: 'Show' Up in Style

Pregnancy: it's such a special time. Wobbling around with a big belly, crying at the drop of a hat and not fitting into any of your clothes. But it's one time when people won't judge you for any of that and, as a bonus, you get a beautiful baby to take home at the end. Pregnancy may have its fair share of ups and downs, but staying comfortable during your magical nine months can be a breeze with WonderWink maternity scrubs. Look at how easy it can be.

What's So Uncomfortable About Pregnancy?

That is not a question you want to ask a pregnant lady, much less a pregnant co-worker. Other than the obvious little person inside you kicking and squirming around, you may be experiencing:

  • Backaches from the added weight around your middle
  • Tired legs from supporting extra weight
  • Swollen feet and ankles from water retention
  • Headaches due to fluctuating hormone levels

BabyCenter asked women what they wish they had known about staying comfortable, especially in the third trimester. Moms talked about standing straight and using lots of pillows for support when sitting or sleeping, but one of the most valuable tips was:

"Wear the comfiest clothes you can find. Being as big as you are in your third trimester is uncomfortable enough; you don't need anything else bothering you."

Wearing restrictive clothing is not just uncomfortable, it can increase your risk for complications.

Scrubs by their very nature can be very comfortable and nonrestrictive; after all, they're made so you can bend, stretch and move as you need to. But when your baby bump really gets going, you might feel like your room to grow has left the building if you're in ordinary scrubs. Not so with WonderWink Maternity scrubs!

Stretch With Style

WonderWink Maternity Stretch Flare Cargo Pants come in black and four other great colors. Made with a super-soft polyester stretch fabric, these pants keep you comfy and fashionable your entire nine months. The knit waist panel gives you stretch and support at the same time, and the flare leg with a vented bottom hem keeps you looking smart.

For even more flexibility, our WonderWink WonderWORK Women's Maternity Cargo Pant is made with a 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton twill blend. Same stretchy waist panel and flare leg, but this style offers more pockets. If you're looking for even more variety in colors, there are 19 to choose from. Talk about fashion choices to fit your mood!

We've got your top covered, too, with the WonderWink WonderWORK Women's Maternity Mock Wrap Top in Ceil and 18 other fabulous colors. Another great 65/35 polyester and cotton twill blend, this classic mock wrap has side panels you won't even notice because they're the same color as the rest of the top. The adjustable tie lets you and baby decide when the top gets bigger without sacrificing your comfort.

If you love the colorblock look, check out the great color options for the WonderWink Maternity Stretch Mock Wrap Top in Hot Pink and four other awesome colors. The 100-percent polyester stretch fabric features side panels and an adjustable drawstring on an empire waist. And don't forget the pockets! There's always plenty of room to carry extra stuff in addition to the baby you're carrying.

Babies and Bellies and Bunions, Oh My!

Your belly isn't the only part of your body you'll want to keep comfortable, though. It's important to keep your feet comfy by wearing shoes that cushion your sole with a supportive low heel to help keep swelling and discomfort at bay.

You don't have to give up fashion while you're carrying your bundle of joy just so you can be comfortable on your feet. Ditch the thought of those ugly orthopedic shoes and complement the fabulous colors of your WonderWink scrubs with Alegria shoes. Alegria nurse shoes make nursing come alive with great styles, colors and textures to match all your moods, even when they swing during pregnancy. The soft, supportive footbeds contour to your feet to provide you with the support you need while your baby grows. Not sure where to buy them? Check out the deals on the No. 1 store for Alegria Shoes.

Nine Months Don't Last Forever

While you're pregnant, you have a lot on your mind. One of those things might be how to make your job fit into your new life with baby. You may want flexibility in your schedule or you might want to explore cities and areas that fit better with raising your children in the lifestyle you want. Medical Solutions is a great resource for finding traveling nursing jobs and employment for other medical personnel such as tech and imaging professionals and occupational, physical, respiratory and speech language therapists. They can help you find a job that will fit your new family just right.

After the baby comes, you'll want to get back into your other WonderWink scrubs as soon as possible. But until those last few pregnancy pounds drop, you can hold it all together with the revolutionary clothing line at Hold Your Haunches. You probably remember seeing them on "Shark Tank," but if you missed it, these pants have the shapewear sewn right into them to keep you looking slim and fit with no extra effort. Smooth lines and no dreaded panty lines here! They'll keep you comfy and looking good at home and on the go with your new baby.

Until your baby gets here, though, enjoy the comfort and style of WonderWink maternity scrubs. Wearing them will let you and your baby "show" up in style.