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WonderWink PLUS: Bold, Vivacious, Smart Scrubs for Women!

Women are curvy! It’s just a fact, but you don’t have to let your curves stand in the way of a job well done. You deserve high quality, smart-looking scrub tops and pants that let you move to the beat of your shift and WonderWink PLUS has just the right scrubs for your body type.

Does My Body Type Matter When It Comes to Choosing Scrubs?

Let’s face it, just because you’re curvy doesn’t mean that you have to hide behind boxy scrubs at work. But there are different kinds of curvy, and knowing your body type can help you choose which style of scrubs are going to look best on you.

For full-figured women, there are basically three body types: apple, pear and hourglass.

  1. Apple shapes are round figures with wide shoulders and a waist and bust measuring larger than the hips.
  2. Pear shapes are smaller on top and larger around the hips.
  3. The hourglass figure has a smaller waist in proportion to symmetrical bust and hips.

For some women, you can just look in the mirror to see what basic shape you are. But if you’re having difficulty or want confirmation, this handy online calculator can help you determine what shape your body falls into when it comes to fashion.

What Type of Scrubs Should I Wear for My Body Type?

So, how do you use this information to see which scrubs will look and feel best on you? Here are a few suggestions from the world of fashion that easily apply to scrub wear, too.

  • For apple types, highlight your legs. Low-waisted pants with straight or tapered legs will draw attention away from your waist and accentuate a beautiful lower half.
  • For the pear shape, go the opposite direction. Choose scrub tops that bring the eye upward away from your hips and to your fantastic upper body.
  • For hourglass figures, go ahead and cinch that waist! Wear a scrub top that flatters your middle, like a wrap top, and especially one with a V-neck that draws the eye inward and complements your natural shape.

How Does the WonderWink PLUS Collection Give You the Best Fit?

WonderWink PLUS scrub tops and pants are perfect for all these body types. This line gives you choices plus more choices so you can feel great, no matter what your size. With features that make every woman feel pretty plus empowered, the WonderWink PLUS collection delivers on functionality and fashion.

All three styles of tops include princess seaming and side vents at the hem that make movement fluid without the fabric binding or rolling. The Four-Way-Stretch Style ensures the fit you want, stretching where you need it to but with a flattering, draping finish for a sleek silhouette. Sizes range from 1X-5X to give every curvy woman plenty of options to be proud of. Comfortable tummy panels provide support and shape without inhibiting movement and circulation. Check out some of the other great features you'll find in this collection!

Three Great Women’s Plus-Sized Scrub Tops to Choose From!

  • Curved V-Neck Top: Signature WonderWink three-compartment pocket with bungee detail and utility tape inside the front pocket to secure accessories; available in 11 awesome colors.
  • Decorative V-Neck Top: The same gorgeous details as the Curved V-Neck but with an added inset panel in the neckline for additional coverage and modesty; available in six fabulous colors.
  • Mock Wrap Top: A classic style updated with a better fit, utility bands at the shoulder and in the pockets and yellow mesh pockets within the pocket; available in 10 outstanding colors.

Two Fabulous Styles of Women’s Plus-Sized Scrub Pants, Too!

  • Boot Cut Cargo Pant: A full elastic waistband with internal drawstring for extra adjustments and three pockets complete with utility tape and bungees; available in 11 great colors.
  • Flare Leg Tummy Panel Pant: A comfortable tummy control panel, a contour waist and side vents on the fashionable flare leg hem; available in 10 flattering colors.

In addition to every solid color you can dream of in the WonderWink PLUS Collection, the Zoe & Chloe Collection features outstanding prints in sizes up to 3X to complement any mood or setting. WonderWink has something for everyone! And, to fill your closet even faster with quality scrubs you can count on, don’t forget to sign up for the WonderWink Scrub Shop rewards program. You’ll earn points with each purchase towards savings on future orders. Discover scrubs worth the wink with WonderWink!